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Kentucky FHA Income Guidelines for Job time and Income Requirements

FHA requires you to establish that the income is in fact stable. I am covering Time on Job, Part Time Income, Seasonal Income and Job Gaps below.

Time on Job

There is not a minimum length of time a borrower must have held a position for the income to be eligible. However, the application must identify the most recent 2 years of employment.
If the borrower’s employment history indicates that they were in school or in the military, then the borrower must provide evidence supporting this such as college transcripts or discharge papers.
The current type of employment has to be supported by the college transcripts or discharge papers showing that he borrower’s training enabled them to gain employment in their field of training.

Part Time Income 

Part-time and second job income can be used to qualify if documentation is obtained to prove that the borrower has worked the part-time job uninterrupted for the past two years, and plans to continue.
For Qualifying purposed, “part-time” income refers to jobs taken to supplement the borrower’s main income from regular employment, such as a second job that is less than 40 hours per week.
Income: Is averaged over the previous 2 years. If there was a pay rate increase and we can document the increase in pay, you can average the new pay rate over 12 months.

Seasonal Income

Seasonal income may be acceptable for qualifying. It is not unusual to have out-of-season income from unemployment income. If the borrower has a 2 year history and continuance is probable, this type of income may be allowed to qualify the borrower.
The key here is history and continuance.

Job Gaps

The borrower must provide a signed explanation for gaps in employment as follows:
Income can be considered effective if the following can be verified:
1. Borrower has been employed in the current job for at least six months at the time of the case number assignment AND
2. A two year work history prior to the absence from employment.
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