Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Maps for Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Eligible Areas for 2015

As announced by the eligible areas for KY Rural Development Loans (RD) on December 22, 2014, RD will implement the new rural area designations as mandated in the Agricultural Act of 2014, Pub. L. 113-79 (“Farm Bill”).

The new eligible areas as published will be effective for all new applications received by
KY USDA RD on or after February 2, 2015.

Maps for Kentucky USDA Rural Housing  Eligible Areas for 2015 can be found at the link below:

Kentucky USDA Rural Housing Applications submitted to RD for borrowers in the affected eligible areas (that will become ineligible) must be complete packages, including any required property appraisals and must be received by RD prior to February 2, 2015, to remain eligible for GRH approval.